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The Renewal Center vision was originally birthed in heart of our Founders Pastors Reuben and Clarita Barruel. Their call and hearts desire upon moving to the United States 44 years ago was not to start a church but to build bridges of LOVE between believers from different denominations, congregations and organizations. Christian Renewal Ministries was founded to be a place of renewal encouragement, and training in the work of the ministry. 


During 2020 pandemic there was a potential building that became available which awakened that original vision between several organizations. Although  aquiring that building did not materialize, the desire for fellowship, connection and cooperative ventures between various ministries, organizations became evident and the seed to do kingdom expansion AS ONE.  We may have different focus in our organizations but our goal is always the same, to build and expand the Kingdom of God.  


Therefore, as we begin The Renewal Center, we want to be clear that it is not just another part of The Renewal Church and its ministries, but is a fulfillment of the original vision given to create a place for authentic fellowship, connection, strategic partnerships, collaboration, supporting and championing each other in the call the Lord has given to each organization.  


Ascend Life Coaching & Consulting

Services include Individual Coaching,  Couples Coaching (Pre-Marriage), Pre-Marital Counseling, and Married Coaching.

Let us journey with you as you discover and define what it will become.


I Found the Answer

I Found the Answer is a Christian Non-Denominational, Multicultural Church where all are loved and welcome, both individuals and families.

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Love Brave

LoveBrave is a movement propelling people into action with unconditional, extravagant love for God & people. Through courage, intimacy, vulnerability & communication we're able to express & receive love. Jesus empowers individuals to love without fear.

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Work in all areas of the world bring hope and joy through ministry outreaches, bio sand waterfilters in third world contries and counseling all ages.

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New Strength International Ministries’ (NSIM) mission is to usher the glory of God to the nations for transformation and harvest. Through partnership with various organizations and ministries nationally and internationally, NSIM trains and equips individuals, groups and churches worldwide to be fully released in worship. 


Through training in the areas of leadership, spiritual formation, worship and a worldwide perspective, NSIM is committed to seeing God’s glory manifested to bring about true transformation in the hearts of individuals and throughout the nations. Our teams have experienced tremendous breakthroughs of the presence of God throughout the nations as the incense of worship was offered. NSIM is dedicated to partner, exhort, equip, release and support leaders as they step out in their calling and destinies.


Night & Day Global

Night & Day Global is a non-profit charity that that was birthed while traveling to the war torn area of Northern Uganda in 2005.

We are called to Go into all the earth, Equip the Body of Christ, & Prepare for His imminent return. 

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Renewal Sessions is a gathering of worshipers from throughout our cities and region.  Musicians, singers, artist, dancers and creatives of all types come together for one agenda, to worship Jesus.  

We believe God is gathering the creatives to birth new sounds, sights and expressions of beauty that will build the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.  Zecheria 1: 20-21 tells us of the craftsman throwing down the horns that have scattered Judah (Praise). The solution are the craftsmen of God. These sessions are also places of intercession and personal ministry as the Lord moves upon the worshippers.

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Taco & Co. is a family-owned business dedicated to bringing quality food and quality service to every customer. Opened first in Berkeley, Taco & Co. is currently expanding and opening its second location in Pittsburg, CA.

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Wilson's Dance Studio

Established in May 2005, WDS' goal is to provide a healthy and safe extra-curricular activity for our youth, community and families.

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