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Pastor Sefa
Lam Yuen


Iosefa serves as a Co-Senior Leader for The Renewal Church’s and as an Associate Pastor overseeing the areas of Worship and Men’s Ministries. 

Iosefa, is a passionate worshiper of Jesus. His heart of excellence to pursue the presence of the Lord leads many to encounter God’s presence. His desire is also to see transformation in the lives of individuals, families, churches, organizations and nations. 

Iosefa also oversees all aspects of TRC’s facilities and building. Trained by his Father to be a builder from a young age, Iosefa has learned not only to build physical buildings but now as a Pastor, also the hearts of people. He is a man of excellence and a true “servant leader” who models how to lay down your life for those you lead. 

Iosefa along with his wife Eunice, are on the leadership of Awaken the Dawn-California, 40 Days of Hope for California, and Pray Pittsburg a city-wide initiative for the City of Pittsburg, California and beyond. 

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